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Strategy 2015 - 2018

Globacorp’s business strategy is built around maintaining our role as a predominantly sustainable land developer, while adding new real estate projects to our portfolio to extend our reach into the community investment space.


Our Key Ambitions
Globacorp will continue to focus on growth and value creation. To achieve this, we focus on three strategic ambitions: Internet for all, stakeholder satisfaction, and efficient operations.

Internet Collaboration
Information and collaboration represents the next growth curve. We will increase and monetize information usage and distribution, building a new stand-alone on-line services platform for our stakeholders to utilize.

Stakeholder Satisfaction
To continue to deliver higher returns than peers, it is increasingly important to provide speedy and transparent project information, and to strengthen the ties we have with our project stakeholders.

Efficient Operations
We aim to utilize our resources to better meet future stakeholder needs. Improving efficiency and changing how we operate will allow us to identify and focus on new opportunities.

Paperless Initiative
To become more efficient, we have developed an agressive strategy aimed at eliminating all paper usage from our company by 2018. From business cards to project files, our program removes paper dependency from our operations.


Our Key Enablers
In order to deliver on our growth and value creation ambitions, we will focus on two key enablers: passionate team players and community impact.

Passionate Team Players
We must have passionate team players in order to deliver on our vision of designing and developing real estate projects, which realize value potential while preserving precious natural resources and the environment as a whole. Globacorp’s Team strategy is to create impact through creative talent management. We will attract and develop unrivalled competence; we will drive team player engagement to retain the right capabilities; and we will ensure sustainable change and operational excellence to release capacity to deploy new capabilities.

Community Impact
We have a significant impact on the communities where we develop. Providing the local community access to shape and invest in areas we develop is an important catalyst for growth and development. We also have an opportunity to play a role in the online investment community, within areas such as real estate investment education, transparency, and financial responsibility. In addition, we aim to further improve the way we work within our business environment, with a focus on accountability and stakeholder perceptions.