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Globacorp Developments International announced that it has formed a working partnership with McKinney Internacional, an accomplished planning, facilities design and construction management firm located in the Republic of Panama.

McKinney Internacional is a division of American-based McKinney and Company, established in 1979 and headquartered in Ashland, Virginia. The Panamanian operations were launched in 1999 to better meet the needs of an increasing client base in the Republic of Panama. Their qualified team of planners, architects, engineers and construction managers provide integrated development and delivery of large-scale commercial, industrial and residential projects.

Although their [McKinney Internacional] office is a self-sufficient entity servicing the challenging Panamanian market, they possess the capability of augmenting their local workforce with the experience and resources of their parent company. This unique collaboration enables McKinney Internacional to be a leading provider for domestic and multi-national clients operating within the Latin American markets.

From conceptual planning to facility occupancy, McKinney Internacional has the expertise to transform a visionary plan into a completed project. Their ability to join forces across multiple disciplines has resulted in unmatched innovation and intelligent solutions. It is their knowledge of the distinct challenges involved in creating functional spaces with long-term value that has earned them credibility from an increasing number of clients throughout the industry.

McKinney Internacional will assist Globacorp in performing the diverse responsibilities and duties associated with their latest real estate development project within the Republic of Panama. With over thirty years of proven experience, the McKinney team is certain to deliver high quality standards in their capacity as the lead infrastructure development design firm for Globacorp's Paraiso Del Rio Grande Lifestyle Community project, thereby helping to ensure the successful realization of an expansive and impressive vision.

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