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John Cornacchia

Founding Member & Senior Director - Corporate Operations
Globacorp Developments International


John, founding member and Operations Director of Globacorp Developments International, actively serves in a leadership and corporate development role, providing company direction and identifying new project opportunities within strategic markets and geographic regions.

As a dedicated entrepreneur developing new business enterprises for over 25 years, John is a true visionary and unyielding perfectionist, possessing an intense understanding of business economics and accruing extensive corporate experience.

With his vision set on large-scale sustainable land development and the global real estate market, John assisted in establishing Globacorp Developments International in 2001 and decisively began to source out countries of opportunity for viable real estate development investments. Following the completion of several significant projects in North America, John embarked upon building a solid foundation in Central America and began developing projects within The Republic of Panama. In conjunction with company growth, an environmental policy was adopted, incorporating eco-friendly sustainable and functional designs, development processes that utilize cutting-edge technology, green materials with intrinsic ecological benefits and operation procedures consisting of sustainable practices.

John remains focused on the emerging opportunities within Central America and will continue to develop large-scale sustainable lifestyle communities in strategic locations. While John maintains the lead role on all Globacorp projects, his style is nonetheless that of a team player, with an assured ability and willingness to change roles as required, in order to build and bond teams together in their most productive and creative form. With his decisive well thought-out visions and ideas, often rendered in hand-drawn sketches, that connect the project concept to heart and sole, and his venerable appreciation for details and uncompromised accuracy, John incessantly contributes to the richness of every Globacorp project.

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