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Indicators In Action

The communities, states, nations, and international organizations listed below are leading the way in the implementation of sustainability indicators. What follows are compiled synopses of programs and reports, a link to sustainable indicators program websites (if available), and contact information. The full reports and websites of each program provide detailed, in-depth information on specific sustainability indicators.


Baltimore, Maryland; Cambridge, Massachusetts; Chattanooga, Tennessee; Chicago, Illinois; Cincinnati, Ohio; Jacksonville, Florida; Kalispell, Montana; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Missoula, Montana; Pasadena, California; San Francisco, California; San Jose, California; Santa Barbara South Coast, California; Santa Monica, California; San Mateo County, California; Seattle, Washington; Silicon Valley, California; Tucson, Arizona; Willapa Bay Watershed, Washington


Urban Ecology Coalition - Minneapolis, MN


Minnesota; Oregon; Maine; New Jersey; North Carolina


Interagency Working Group on Sustainable Development Indicators


Bay Area Alliance for Sustainable Communities; Cape Cod, Massachusetts; Central Texas Sustainability Indicators Project; Greater Washington Research Program; Northwest; Rocky Mountain States; Southern California Environmental Report Card; Southwestern Pennsylvania; Thomas Jefferson District Planning Commission; US-Mexico Environmental Indicators


Alberta, Canada; Fraser Basin, British Columbia, Canada




Agenda 21; Earthwatch; Environmental Sustainability Index; Worldwatch Institute

The Compendium of Sustainable Development Indicator Initiatives and Publications provides an overview of initiatives on sustainable development indicators being carried out at the international, national and provincial/territorial/state levels. The on-line compendium is a joint project of the International Institute for Sustainable Development, Environment Canada, Redefining Progress, and the World Bank.

The International Sustainability Indicators Network offers a list of communities and others working on sustainability indicators.

National Strategies for Sustainable Development includes a section on Indicators within the "Sustainable Development: Concepts and Approaches" portion of its References heading. The section includes discussion of indicator systems and indicator documents developed by various groups.

Redefining Progress has a project on community indicators that includes the RP-CINet listserve, an e-mail based discussion group intended for organizations and individuals who are currently implementing community indicator projects, or are in the process of developing an indicators project.