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Globacorp Developments International Environmental Policy

A word from our Founder...

In a world that´s ever more densely populated and with resources that are increasingly over utilized, we all need to think and act more responsibly, both as individuals and as businesses.

But if we are honest with ourselves, striking the right balance between our business needs and meaningful corporate responsibility is not an easy task. However, a company like Globacorp is well placed to take a lead, not only because of the work we do, but also because of what we believe in.

Some years ago, we set out for ourselves an unambiguous statement of purpose: To sustain and improve the quality of people´s lives while causing minimal negative impact on the environment. It is this that has given direction to corporate responsibility in Globacorp.

For us, it´s about establishing genuinely sustainable and positive engagement with the communities we develop and the people we work with. This entails strong leadership at all levels in the company, not only in the way we conduct our business, but also in the way we contribute outside of it.

It involves having a strong set of principles about where we develop, whom we partner with, the people we work with and how we conduct ourselves. It means investing time, effort and resources to create a legacy that does not compromise future generations. It also means empowering our people with belief and the ability to shape their own footprint, improve their communities and contribute to their nation´s evolution.

One of the most satisfying outcomes from introducing our environmental policies and procedures, at the project level, is watching the team discover the value of what they have achieved. We have undertaken many activities to improve our environmental performance since our inception. Some have encouraged us by achieving and exceeding the targets we had set. Other activities have not produced the results we had anticipated and we are learning to adapt and identify new approaches to accomplish our policy objectives.

Our continuing challenge is to better understand the impact of our activities on the environment, to become increasingly adjusted to seeking and adapting opportunities to increase our environmental performance as a team and to continually inspire our philosophy as the organization grows in size.

Together, these things breathe life into our core belief that we should always strive to make a positive difference in the world.

This environmental policy provides you with an insight into how we translate this belief into practical, meaningful action. I hope it helps to demonstrate our commitment to the responsibilities we have, both as individuals and a corporation.

John S. Cornacchia
Founder and Visionary
Globacorp Developments International


Environmental Policy

Last Updated: January 10, 2011

With sustaining and improving the quality of peoples lives at the heart of our business, Globacorp seeks to achieve our business objectives in a manner that causes least harm to the environment and, as far as reasonably practicable, achieves environmental benefits.

Globacorp aims to:

  • Seek a better understanding of the impact our activities have on the environment.
  • Exercise a high-level concern for the environment wherever we develop.
  • Adopt practices which lead to improvements in environmental performance.
  • Conserve energy, reduce consumption of raw materials and to reduce waste.

To achieve these aims we shall:

  • Appoint a Group Board Director with the primary responsibility for environmental management, assessment and accountability.
  • Apply high standards of Environmental Impact reduction, which are endorsed by qualified parties as representing best practice.
  • Treat legally binding environmental conditions and government regulations as the absolute minimum criteria and to encourage the adoption of more stringent and effective standards wherever appropriate.
  • Assess the impacts of our activities on the environment and identify the areas of our operation where improvements in environmental performance can be achieved.
  • Develop environmental performance indices for areas of our operations identified as being priorities for improving environmental performance, understand those factors leading to improved environmental performance and apply this understanding to future operations.
  • Develop and implement an Environmental Management System (EMS) that includes the primary objective of achieving improved environmental performance and accountability.
  • Encourage the practical implementation of the EMS as part of the day-to-day management and delivery of our services and encourage the identification and implementation of practices, which will lead to improved environmental performance.
  • Set targets and objectives for achieving improved environmental performance and review and set new targets on a continuous basis.
  • Encourage suppliers, contactors, consultants and clients to adopt practices leading them to improved environmental performance.

Globacorp will undertake effective communication to:

  • Ensure that team members are aware of our environmental policy, motivated to apply such policy, aware of their own responsibilities and given the support and encouragement required to fulfill them.
  • Provide meaningful information on our environmental performance, the objectives and targets we have set and the progress we make in achieving them.
  • Develop a sense of pride in the achievements we make and provide examples of our experience as an encouragement to others.
  • Ensure accountability for the achievement of objectives and targets we have established for ourselves.

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