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From our Founder

Globacorp has a strong foundation. It is built on innovation, commitment to sustainability, and unique culture and values. Our knowledge and strategic alliances uniquely positions us to develop projects that are differentiated through creative green solutions and that provide social and economic rewards for all stakeholders. This capability is at the core of our vision and mission strategy. Unmistakably, none of this can happen without the creativity, intelligence and passion of our team members around and their desire to lead change.


I firmly believe that Globacorp is a fantastic place to develop, work and explore new ideas. We operate a dynamic company that is destined to become an industry leader, offering a multitude of opportunities for personal growth and development, a strong reputation for integrity and social responsibility and an opportunity to work with, and be strengthened by, an energetic team of great people.

At the same time, we're not afraid to expect a lot. We look for passionate people who share our values, welcome challenges and are driven by a desire to contribute. We seek to attract people who embrace the reality and demands of a highly competitive and often uncertain market.

Globacorp is an exciting company with tremendous growth potential. We are developing a great team and with great expectations. I truly look forward to the future as we further strengthen our leadership position by developing uncompromised sustainable communities and green projects.

John S. Cornacchia
Founder and Visionary
Globacorp Developments International