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Bernard Hunter

Director - Environment and Sustainability
Globacorp Developments International


Bernard joined Globacorp Developments International in 2010 as Chief Environmental Officer with the primary responsibility for developing and implementing an environmental strategy consistent with the company’s vision of building an environmentally sustainable real estate development portfolio.

Bernard brings over 23-years of risk management experience to this position; which he built through roles in the financial markets and mining sectors, in countries as diverse as Australia & New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and the United States.

In the past several years Bernard’s interests and passion have shifted toward a greater emphasis on the environment; particularly the burgeoning greenhouse gas and carbon emissions markets where his interests lie in helping organisations understand their risks and responsibilities - both internally as they impact business operations, and externally as they affect relationships with clients, regulators and other stakeholders.

With certainty, Bernard's experiences and high-level knowledge of environmental policies, sustainable practices and alternative energy sources greatly strengthens the overall environmental commitment of the Globacorp team.

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